Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Favorites Of The Day! =D

My girlfriend thinks I'm a stalker, Well, she's not actually my girlfriend yet.

I've had such a bad week First my girlfriend got run over by a bus, then I lost my job.. ..as a bus driver

My girlfriend told me yesterday, "You only ever hear what you want to hear!" "Thank you," I replied. "I have been working out."

 If a tomato is a fruit, does that make ketchup a smoothie

Switzerland's economy was ranked #1 by the World Economic Forum while the U.S. fell to #5.....I guess those little Swiss army knives must be selling like hotcakes! ツ


YOBRO :D said...

dude you should update this more daily :o... way better than statusstalker or any of the others...

Ashton Phoenix said...

Thanks. Really appreciate it!!! May try to start updating more!

sowmya said...

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